Florio Flyer 60! My new build

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Hey just a quick not to let everyone know that I am starting a build-along for the MAN site highlighting the construction of a Florio Flyer 60 fun fly airplane. Basic stats are 60-inch span, 47 inches long, 660 sq. inch wing area and abot 5.5 to 6.5 pounds RTF. Originally intended for .45 – .61 2-stroke engines, I am stuffing in an O.S .75 2-stroke in the nose. (Same size as O.S. .61 FX). it has a full-symetrical airfoil and will have enlarged ailerons (rudder too maybe.) Will replace the wingtip blocks with built up tips, so stay tuned for more as it develops.

Florio Flyer 60!

Stock arrangement of the Florio Flyer. The 40 and 60 versions looked the same.

RC Plane Proxy

O.S. .75 2-stroke engineJR X9503 2.4GHz radio   JR X9503 2.4GHz radio

(Above) The JR X9503 2.4GHz radio and the O.S. .75 2-stroke engine will be used in the project. Also, I will be using the new super smooth operating coreless servos from Savox USA for control. Come back often ans watch as this project develops.

Savox USA

Align RC USA, Gerry Yarrish, O.S., Workshop Build-Alongs

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2 Responses to “Florio Flyer 60! My new build”

  1. wayne forke says:

    Hello Gerry,
    I am an addicted scratch builder! I would love to build a .60 size florio flyer. Can you steer me to plans for this great airplane? Thanks. Wayne Forke

  2. Mike Simmons says:

    Hi Gerry,
    I really like your new project. I cant wait to see the progress. I like to scratch build also. Good luck. I would like to find the plans so I can build along. Thanks Mike

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