Aeroworks 30cc Bravata

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With a two-piece wing with removeable, premounted struts, the 112-inch-span Bravata is easy to take to the field. It comes with hinged control surfaces, a mounted cowl, wheel pants and front windshield, and is even available with floats installed! Add your 28 to 35cc gas engine and you can be flight-ready in less than 10 hours. This new Quick Build ARF is available in the UltraCote color scheme shown as well as a deep red and cream scheme and costs $699.95.


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13 Responses to “Aeroworks 30cc Bravata”

  1. Kim Jeppesen says:

    Very nice …. and the plane looks good too ;-)

  2. stan says:

    yikes what a plane got to get me one and copiplot isnt bad either weeeeee

  3. Dan says:

    You guys are bad, don’t you know she needs those shorts to retrieve the plane in the water !

  4. RC says:

    Its about time that a quality plane has a co-star that got me to pay any attention to it.

    And Debra’s nice too : )

  5. Paul says:

    I would love to have that Plane.

  6. Scott says:

    That looks like a great plane. But the girl would be a better choice!

  7. Paul says:

    The plane would be a lot cheeper in the long run. LOL

  8. Pete says:

    What Plane…? Plane ?

  9. Dave says:

    lol pete stole my thunder… u mean there’s a plane in the picture.????

  10. John Pace says:

    Great model just what I’m looking for, only wish I could get it with electric motor.Many noise restrictions where I fly!

  11. Tom Kelly says:

    The plane looks great but the lake I fly at will only alow GLOW not GAS. Will a OS 3500 glow engine work.

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      I asked the folks at Aeroworks, and it looks like you’re in luck! They said, “Yes the OS3500 glow engine can be used. However, there are no engine mounts or hardware included for installing that engine.”

  12. maddog says:

    i purchase the red one the fuchsia lodge does not match the cal there is a Big difference between the two colors very noticeable.

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