A squadron of tiny quadcopters: must-see video!

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Picture this: a nano quadcopter that’s fast and agile. Then multiply it by 20, and imagine this tiny squadron flying in formation, performing tasks and doing aerobatic maneuvers–together. In a video from the GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania, air vehicles developed by KMel Robotics put on an amazing show. I promise that this video will blow your mind!

Debra Cleghorn, Featured News

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5 Responses to “A squadron of tiny quadcopters: must-see video!”

  1. Art young says:

    Where are these sold ? Fantastic performance.

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      Sadly, they aren’t available for purchase by the public. I think they’re only at the University of Pennsylvania now and will likely be developed and sold to law enforcement or private security firms.

      I also think they’d be amazing used in a movie!

  2. Jim Meagher says:

    That was amazing. Just goes to show you what can be done with quadcopter technology, and software programming !.

  3. John Morgan says:

    Quadcopters are for sale in Australia…. Tempting, enough fun flying just one???

  4. Bill says:

    Just great now we have man made mosquitos…

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