Road to Top Gun Update: P.J. Ash’s Martin Baker MB.5

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From Lexington, KY, P.J. Ash is entering a rather different plane this year.  It is called a Martin Baker MB.5 and it was the last aircraft the Martin Baker Company produced before building and introducing the ejection seat. P.J. built his impressive aircraft using from scale 3-views.  It spans 97 inches and the fuselage length is 102 inches. 



 It has a ZDZ 80 gas engine for power and is guided by JR Radio.  It’s a traditional all-wood construction with fiberglass cloth and resin covering.

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3 Responses to “Road to Top Gun Update: P.J. Ash’s Martin Baker MB.5”

  1. Phil Hultin says:

    The MB.5 sort of looks like the love-child of a Spitfire IX and a P-51 D Mustang. Quite a neat subject for scale modelers. Here’s a challenge for you: can you make a working contra-rotating 5-bladed prop system for it?

  2. Gerry Yarrish says:

    THanks for your comments Phil! Yes it does look like a Spitang or a Mustfire! indeed… Check out the newest Road to Top Gun update. Our good friend Dave Wigley will again be flying his Westland Wyvern with is impressive free wheeling 3-blade double counter rotating prop set up! Would be amazing with 5 x 2 10 blades!

  3. Mike Selby says:

    PJ did a really nice job on an unusual subject

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