VQ-GLB Giant Stick 120/23cc flight and interview video

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We all know that bigger flies better and one of the best smaller flying planes has to be the stick, so….VQ Models introduced their new GLB Giant Stick which is a 1.20 glow or a 20-23cc gas size plane.  This stick has a 78-inch wingspan and is just about 46-inches long.  The two-piece wing makes it easy to transport to and from the flying field.   Listen to what Arron Strietzel has to say about this great plane in the video and be sure to check out his review in Model Airplane News.

Giant Stick 120/23cc

Giant Stick 120/23cc

Giant Stick 120/23cc

Giant Stick 120/23cc


Giant Stick 120/23cc

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4 Responses to “VQ-GLB Giant Stick 120/23cc flight and interview video”

  1. Carl Bevers says:

    Got one. Put a DLE 30 on it. Covering is stick on, not iron on. Since I decieded to recover it with ultracote anyway, I made some needed modification. Made a trap door on the bottom fron and placed the ignition module there. Used bandsaw to remove the ailerons and extend the aileron cutout to within about 3 inches of fuse; made new oversize ailerons and mounted all control surfaces with 1/8 Robart hinges. Great flyer, and the 30 cc is perfect for it. Have a couple of 1/4 scale gassers, but the really ugly stick is now my favorite for everyday flying.

  2. Frank says:

    What caused the hatch to fly off at around 3:45 in the video (during the hover?)

    • John Reid says:

      Not really sure Frank,
      i am thinking the pilot just wanted out :-)
      actually that happened on the first flight and we put it back on. it stayed on for the next two flights, we could not get it to fall off again. I am thinking we did not have a good seal around the magnets on the hatch during the first flight.
      BTW good eyes, you are the first one to see that, at least the first one to make a comment.

  3. joe says:

    where can this plane be purchased

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