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Sullivan Products New Multi Cylinder Onboard Glow Driver

•NEW Multi Cylinder Onboard Glow Driver. Similar to the single (M060) and twin (M061) glow driver, it features your choice of quick and easy one button set point programming or automatic operation, so the plug received power at any throttle settings. The set point is stored in memory until changed. The green LED light indicates burned out plugs by flashing on the panel. The unit doesn’t require a Y-Harness, just plug to receiver, throttle servo and to any 1.2V to 12V battery. M/F Micro Deans connectors supplied for battery hook up. Only weighs 56g.

M062 For Three Cylinder Engines
M063 For Four Cylinder Engines
M064 For Five Cylinder Engines

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:14 PM

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