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Jan Henseleit has a long history of manufacturing and producing only the finest RC helicopters for the discriminating enthusiast. You won’t find a Henseleit Three Dee RIGID (TDR) on your local hobby shop shelf as each kit must be ordered directly from Jan (jan.henseleit@henseleit-helicopters.de). Jan builds these kits one at a time and ships it directly to you. Henseleit models are unique in their wide ranging flight performance and outstanding 3D aerobatics combined with stunning speed and precision. This is in part due to the flybarless control system and rigid rotor head.

The build went very smoothly and Jan’s machine work is phenomenal; even the non-metallic parts look like they are cut on a CNC machine. The gears are milled instead of the usual injection molding which results in a quiet and very robust drive train. The design of the TDR is a study of efficiency and innovation. The parts count is amazingly low making it easy to maintain. The basic layout of the helicopter is the upper frame assembly housing the drive train and mechanics and the lower frame, which contains the battery and skids. It is very easy to replace parts with a minimum of disassembly. Spare parts are reasonably priced, but must be ordered direct so I keep a set of replacement parts on hand.

The main rotor head is much closer to the canopy than most helis, giving the model a sleek appearance. The two-stage main gear system allows the use of much smaller helical cut main gears and the option to run CC W or CW rotation on the main rotor by flipping the one-way bearing.

With a flybarless flight system, much of the performance depends on the gyro-stabilized system used. Mikado is considered the leader in this field and Henseleit offers a customized V-Bar system for this heli. I had on hand a standard Mikado V-Bar which I used and am delighted with its performance.

Setting up the TDR with this system was very easy. This model also deserves the best power system so I chose the Kontronic power system which is unparalleled in terms of power, quality, and efficiency. The Jive 120HV ESC will automatically adjust motor timing based on rotor disc loading and current draw, for maximum power and efficiency throughout the flight envelope. A 12-cell LiPo battery is ideal and I used two Tunigy 6-cell packs. The batteries slide into the tray and are secured by two Velcro straps resulting in almost no chance of the batteries departing the aircraft. You may have noticed that the horizontal stabilizer is missing; this is by design. With today’s gyros and current draw, for maximum power and efficiency throughout the flight envelope.


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  1. Ammon Christensen says:

    This is one of my FAVORITE helis on phoenix! Good job! I was waiting for the update that it really existed!

  2. Jeff says:

    What is the price on one of these kits??? Hand made , wow……

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