Hobby Lobby B-17 Flying Fortress — Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Mar 26, 2012 7 Comments by

One of the most anticipated RC releases has been this new 4-engine heavy bomber from FreeWing Model, distributed by Hobby Lobby International. Model Airplane News has an exclusive review planned for the B-17 Flying Fortress in the next issue and we’re very excited to provide a sneak peek of this impressive electric-powered warbird to our readers.

With a span of 63 inches and equipped with 4 brushless motors and electric retracts, the “Nine-O-Nine” is going to be a very popular warbird for 2012!



Here are some specs!

Model Specifications:

Model:                                 B-17 Flying Fortress

Type:                     EPO Molded 1/19-scale scale bomber ARF

Manufacturer:   Freewing Model

Distributor:        Hobby Lobby (Hobby-lobby.com)

Wingspan:          63 in.

Length:                 46 in.

Wing Area:         530 sq. in.

Weight:                                82.9 oz.

Wing loading:    22.52 oz. / sq. ft.

Radio req’d:       6-channel (Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder, Throttle, Retracts)

Power req’d:     4 x 3130-1350kv motors (included)

Price:                    $349.99

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7 Responses to “Hobby Lobby B-17 Flying Fortress — Exclusive Sneak Peek!”

  1. Gavin Willacy says:

    Absolutely Luv This !!! thank you.

  2. Donald Bathrick says:

    Nice but I like wood.

  3. Travis Roberts says:

    They can put a Norden in there, but not put a tail gunner, what gives?

  4. Travis Roberts says:

    The chin turret is too tall, should be flush. Also the ball turret is too far down, looks more like it belongs on a B-24.

  5. Rob says:

    Nice, prefer wood will not be buying it.

  6. Chuck says:

    We all prefer wood, but when will I ever find the time to build & fly a B-17 with retracts, 4 counter-rotating engines, flaps, and guns poking out for around $350 !!!!

    I’ll be on board and let my imagination FLY !!!

  7. Dave Halker says:

    When will these foam molders build a B-24 Liberator ? There were far more Libs made( 18,000 +) than B-17′s or Avro Lanc’s combinwed. Just that the lazy US press corps stationed in London didn’t want to travel to Northern England Jack Stafford ‘s was last kit available. I’m still holding out hope…

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