The New Skookum Robotics SK540 3-Axis Flybarless Control Computer

Apr 03, 2012 3 Comments by

Skookum Robotics is ready to officially announce this coming Monday the addition of their new SK540 Flybarless Control Computer to compliment their very popular SK720.  The SK-720 is their “top of the line” unit that is designed for pilots from beginner to 3D expert. It replaces the tail gyro, mechanical flybar, and receiver on your R/C Helicopter, and includes advanced features such as flight logging with playback, optional self leveling, and the soon to come integration of GPS data for added safety and control.

However, when talking with Art Vanden Berg,  Skookum owner and chief designer, he also wanted to make a more affordable flybarless control computer for the more advanced pilots who would not benefit from the SK720′s advanced features. Enter the SK540. This will be a “bare bones” unit to provide basic flybarless control for the intermediate through advanced 3D pilot, and at a more affordable price. As of this writing no price has been established for the SK540, but that, along with a new software update for the SK720 that will also be compatible with the SK540 will be announced on Monday. For those of you who are currently using the SK720, you will need this software update so your current program will be able to connect to the SK540. Once this update is in place all data used on your current SK720 will be able to be transferred to the SK540, and back again if needed.

This new SK540 will be ready to ship to dealers on Monday, which is also when their web site ( will be updated with price, technical information, and the latest software program that can be used for both units.

Paul Tradelius

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A regular contributor to Model Airplane News, he is also the columnist for our “Rotor Speed” helicopter column. Paul has been flying RC helicopters since the early ‘80s and now enjoys all types of rotary machines, including scale and aerobatics, and he continues to experiment with modifications to improve performance.

3 Responses to “The New Skookum Robotics SK540 3-Axis Flybarless Control Computer”

  1. Andy says:

    Might have to get one as they are the home team!

    Andy from Vancouver, BC!

  2. Paul Tradelius says:

    Let me know how you like it. I always like to give manufacturers feedback so make their products even better in the future.

  3. Andy says:

    Got a few flights on it and it’s superb!

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