ZP — A New Name For Zenoah

Apr 14, 2012 3 Comments by

Zenoah, the name for quality, great running engines has had a make-over and a name change. ZP engines are now all equiped with electronic ignitions and benefit with a signifigant weight savings. Also, the power band is increased compared to the magnito equiped versions and there are other improvements making the engines even better. On display at the Horizon Hobby booth at the Toledo show were the ZP 20cc, 26cc, 38cc, 62cc single cylinder engines and the GT-80 twin-cylinder engine.

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3 Responses to “ZP — A New Name For Zenoah”

  1. Peter says:

    I converted my GT-80 to the same RXCEL electronic ignition. Swings a 21×12 at 7500 RPM

    Fitted to a 90″, 42lb Vailly Seafury. Perfect choice for this model.

    Superb engine!


  2. J.R. Walker says:

    I run a Zenoah 23cc on my Spectra-G gasser heli, it’s a great engine with plenty of power. They can change their name all they want, just don’t change the product, nothing wrong with it! ;)

  3. mahmoud says:

    Sorry for my slow response. The eeginns are about $100 dollars each, slightly more than a glow engine of comparative size. The run time depends upon the size of the tank used, but because the fuel has a higher calorie content than glow fuel the engine will run considerably longer than a glow engine on the same amount of fuel. In response to your last question; I used a spray can type of ether and I simply sprayed it into a deep small mouth bottle before mixing.

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