Helmet cams – Great idea at RC events!

Apr 24, 2012 3 Comments by

Steady as a rock great set up Ken

Wow saw this last weekend 21 Apr 2012 at the Keswick model Aircraft Club Inc flying field.

Ken Clark a member of the Stony Creek Hawks came out with his new Helmet Cam Rig.  Its a bike helmet with a home made stand for the Sony HD Handycam.  With this

Ken is using a I-Top single right side viewer set of glasses.  He controls the zoom with a remote.  You can see just how well it works at his U-Tube handle




Also was seen a heli with a remote camera floating around the pits again more hi-tech stuff thats seems to be everywhere these days


Ken Park

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Ken provides the event, project and people coverage for our “north of the border” section. He has been flying RC planes since he was 16 and has competed in the MAAC Nationals. He’s now getting into EDF jets and giant-scale gassers. He gets a big kick from designing from scratch on his laptop and laser-cutting “kits” for himself.

3 Responses to “Helmet cams – Great idea at RC events!”

  1. Ken Clark says:

    Thank you for the kind mention! I look forward to reading your article about the event.
    Ken Clark

  2. Max Xu says:

    Looking cool, Ken!

  3. M Grice says:

    Unfortunately it looks like Ken has removed his Youtube account. No video there, removed by user it says……. If this video is available elsewhere I’d sure like to see it…..Thanks very much.

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