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Florio Flyer 60 — Build-Along Project — First Flight Video

Florio Flyer 60 — Build-Along Project — First Flight Video

Wow! what a great conclusion to our winter builder’s project. Our Florio Flyer 60 was one of our most popular postings on the MAN website and I just could not wait for the weather to turn favorable for some flight testing and photos! The proof’s in the pudding, and this fun fly plane really delivers! It has crazy straight up vertical performance at 3/4-throttle and can slow down to a walk on landings. No mixing involved though I am using flapperon mix for two servos controlling ailerons! Inverted flight requires almost no forward stick for straight and level flight! If you are looking for something to clean up at fun fly contests! Look no further!!!

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Watch for a full review coming soon!


Updated: May 29, 2012 — 9:54 AM


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  1. Nice job Gerry!!

  2. LOve those Red5 Graphics! Thanks Mike!

  3. Hi Gerry

    When in Kingston ensure you let the old master Rolly Siemonson have a go at the sticks then be prepared too pick up you jaw off the ground when you see what can do!

    If your not leaving to early on the Sunday? I may be able to zip down for a quick visit as the best of our EDF jet event is on the Saturday


  4. Hi Ken. yes I know Rolly is a set of hot sticks for sure, as are his sons and the rest of the Kingston Gang! We will be there Friday till Monday so should be at the field Sunday.
    see ya there I hope

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