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Heli pilots in particular will love the Gaui hexagon screw driver multi-tool.  The handle of this cleverly engineered tool houses six double-ended tool shafts, covering most commonly-used metric and English hex wrenches as well as two each Phillips and standard screw drivers.  A rotating top cap locks the shafts in place in the handle; simply twist the cap to access the tool of your choice.  The sizes are clearly printed on the shafts for easy selection.  Perhaps the best feature of all is the unusual locking mechanism.  A spring-loaded button allows instant release of the shaft when changing tools, but it also allows the user to adjust the length as needed.  The tool includes the following wrench sizes:

Metric:  1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm
English: 0.050, 1/16, 5/64 and 3/32”
Phillips 0 and 00
Standard 1.5 and 2.5mm

The multi-tool (part number G-666168) is available at Empire RC or from Empire/GAUI USA dealers.  This is a terrific design and a remarkable bargain at under $20.  You might want to buy two however, as your flying buddies will try to steal it at the first opportunity.

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3 Responses to “Must-have multi-tool”

  1. Bill Skoros says:

    The only multi-tool I carry is a Leatherman Charge, and I never leave home without it!

  2. Rian says:

    Can’t find it on the Empire Site

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