Win a Gorilla Glue Prize Package!

Jun 12, 2012 6 Comments by

What are the last two things you glued together? Enter our Facebook contest and your innovative answer could win you this $50 Gorilla Glue prize package. Contest ends June 19, and winners will be chosen by the Model Airplane News editors. Good luck! [Please free to reply here, but remember that only responses on our Facebook page will be entered in the contest!]


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6 Responses to “Win a Gorilla Glue Prize Package!”

  1. Jim Bonnardel says:

    The last two things I glued together, were my thumb and index finger!

  2. Vivek Calambur says:

    My jeans….believe it or not, Gorilla glue bonded the legs of my jeans together, and they’re pretty much unusable now even after a bunch of sanding and acetone. But it’s still my favorite glue!

  3. Harry HIll says:

    tail fins to fuselage

  4. Mike says:

    Wing ribs on a Scratch built buzz buggy pylon racer. Was using that “other” wood glue so I could really use some Gorilla Glue!

  5. Debra Cleghorn says:

    Great responses!! Please go to Facebook so you can enter the contest! Winners will be chosen from answers posted there.

  6. dlee3782 says:

    My neighbor’s two Yorkshire terriers. Irritating little beasts.

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