Booma RC’s Wallaby Switch with Battery Voltage Monitoring

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Booma RC is an Australian company offering a broad range of products for the RC community. Check them out at:

Among their many offerings is the Wallaby Switch.  This unique product is capable of controlling and monitoring the power from your receiver battery through a digital microprocessor.  It is produced in both a single or dual battery configuration.  The Wallaby can monitor your onboard batteries 24/7 as it has a built in state-of-the-art processor that will allow you to turn the batteries off, but pass 0.4mA of power through in sleep mode.  This only occurs when the system is turned off and continues until the batteries are physically disconnected.

Using bright LED signaling, the Wallaby flashes the on/off condition and programmed into the switch is protection against an accidental on or off by requiring the user to press and hold down the on/off switch.  Some programming is required for different battery types, but the Wallaby handles LiFEPO4, LiPO and LiIon batteries (2-3 cells).

Wallaby Switch Features:

- Microprocessor control - of high powered digital switching circuit(s) .

- Fail Safe Switching - of both batteries.

- High Bright Blue LED - for easy daylight reading.

- Voltage Monitoring - of each battery. (BRCWAL1 and 2 version)

- Selectable Battery Type - for monitoring of LifeP04, LiPo and Lion battery chemistries.

- Low Voltage Alarm via LED indication.

- 2 x 15 Amp constant current capability (BRCWAL1UC version).

- 2 x 20 Amp for 30 seconds (BRCWAL1UC version).

- Micro-Power design less than 0.4mA in standby mode.

- Input Voltage 6v to 13v.

- Weight 17 grams.

- Dimensions 36mm x 17mm (1.41 x 0.66 inches).

MSRP – $29 USD – 12 month warranty

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