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The elevator is one of the first 3D maneuvers many pilots learn.  In his September Model Airplane News article, Dave Scott has this to say about this maneuver; “During an elevator, the airplane remains fully stalled and drops almost vertically in a flat attitude.”  See what Jason Benson has to say about this maneuver in the video below.  Then take that newfound knowledge, your plane and head to the flying field and try it out.

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5 Responses to “Fly the Elevator”

  1. Mike says:

    With enough elevator & rudder authority could a trainer aircraft ( LT-40 perform the Elevator ?

    • John Reid says:

      It could, if you are able to make all of those adjustment on the control surfaces. But it may not, you would just have to try it out.

  2. Paul Glidden says:

    I have a pc-9 and will have to try it out. Is it hard to do? I guess that you have to be good with the power too.

  3. c.s.ang says:

    Have tried out on an indoor electric Tech one.
    Will try the Gasser later

  4. FHH says:

    The CG of most trainers is forward from what is appropriate for this and many other maneuvers. This adds to the trainer’s stability.

    Slowly (in appx 1/4 inch increments, test flying to ensure its not too far back…) move the CG back and it will do the elevator.

    Due to the typical trainer’s incidences of wing and horizontal stab you’ll most likely find it will be hard to keep the nose down at high power long before it becomes unstable.

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