Banana Hobby FW 190A

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We were excited to review the Banana Hobby Fw 190A, and we have to say that it was impressive, both on the ground and in the air. This all foam plane has some great scale detailing and really zips around the sky. Our frequent contributor Michael York gives you an overview of the FW 190 in the video.  Be sure to check out the complete review in the October issue of Model Airplane News.



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3 Responses to “Banana Hobby FW 190A”

  1. High Nitro says:

    What a very nice review. The paved runway makes me really envious. Some guys have had issues with Banana Hobby, but my experience has been very positive. I ordered a 50″ Mustang and it got here to Florida from California in 7 days. The plane was packed well. Like this FW, mine has flaps, electric retracts, and some other extras. Are you ready for wingtip lights, and a sound system! When the throttle is advanced the P-51 sends off startup sounds, then the nice purr of the RR engine throughout the flight! Four bladed prop is included with an entire backup prop; hub and four more blades. Excellent stability throughout on a four cell battery. Five minute flight time with extra juice remaining. I have recommended Banana to my flying buddies and plan on their great looking Skyraider soon. By the way, the retracts from Banana are also available from Hobby King at the ridiculous price of $7.49. As they say “being sold elsewhere for $80….” no kidding.

  2. Steve says:

    This really should be labeled the FMS FW-190 review. Banana Hobby is just the main US distributor for the airplane. It is a great plane though. People who are concerned with purchasing from Banana can find this plane elsewhere with a simple search for FMS FW-190.

  3. Moose says:

    Yes, I agree with Steve…this is the FMS FW-190…not Banana Hobby’s. For absolutely top-rate customer service, order from or (and they have all of the FMS birds)

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