Hitec’s New HS-8360TH, HS8370TH and HS-8380TH

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Just got this press release from Hitec and wanted to pass it along.

HS-8360TH, HS-8370TH and HS-8380TH

The high resolution and response of our new HS-83XX series of servos brings the “wow” factor to your plane, heli and car. Designed with an efficient coreless motor, the industry’s leading titanium gear train and 7.4 volt capability, our ultra performance servos provide impressive precision. They are truly the trifecta of servo perfection with the HS-8360TH offering accelerated speed, the HS-8370TH providing swift strength and the HS-8380TH delivering revolutionary force. The rapid- fire response and decisive action of each servo elevates your hobby to an entirely new level, whether you are tearing it up with your 1/10th to 1/8th scale off-road vehicle, flying high with your giant scale aircraft or crack rolling with your 600 to 700-size electric or gas-powered helicopter. Prepare to be blown away!


                                    6.0V                                         7.4V

Model                  Speed       Torque                 Speed            Torque             Dimension            Weight

HS-8360TH          0.08          181 oz-in                0.07              222 oz-in          1.57x.79×1.50in       2.33oz

HS-8370TH          0.12           250                          0.10               319

HS-8380TH          0.17          403                           0.14               486

MSRP $149.99



David Vaught, Evolution

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A frequent contributor to Model Airplane News and Electric Flight, Dr. Dave is a true RC enthusiast with over 40 years of flying experiences as well as a private pilot license. He flies and writes about everything from ornithopters to giant-scale aircraft, building and flying an average of 20 planes a year.
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