How Low Can You Go Winner, Warbirds over Delaware

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One of the  fun parts of the WOD is the Low passes the warbird pilots make! For this year’s “How Low Can You Go” award went to WOD regular Adam Lilly with his P-40 Warhawk. Adam is known for getting his warbirds and their shadows very close together and on one 120mph + pass on Saturday, he actually brushed the ground with his 3-blade propeller.

Notice the upper right propeller blade. Instead of being 3 blades, it’s more like 2 1/2, as that upper right blade split down the center and departed the aircraft. What is amazing is that Adam continued flying for about 5 minutes after kicking up the dust and sod with his P-40…. Wow, now that’s luck and skill! (Photo by Fast Eddie Leuter)

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5 Responses to “How Low Can You Go Winner, Warbirds over Delaware”

  1. Michael Gross says:

    There is actually an action shot of Adam hitting the ground on flikr. Just search warbirds over Delaware 2012 on flikr. Very cool!!!

  2. Rich says:

    I love low, high speed passes. It is difficult to do them 8 feet of the ground let alone attempting to do them within 2 feet of the ground! Awesome!

  3. Harry HIll says:

    for crying out loud, now we’re celebrating unsafe flying, I’m fine with going low but the number one rule in our club is if your plane contacts anything you must land and inspect the plane. This flyer saw his blade hit the ground and he continued to fly for 5 minutes! I don’t think safety should be ignored just because it is a special event.

  4. Adam Lilley says:

    You didn’t hear what went on behind the scenes. I continued flying while discussing it with my spotter and we both thought that the belly touched, not the prop. I made to more passes out past the center line then decided I better land and check it out. It wasn’t untill I put the gear and flaps down that I started loosing altitude and I realized a problem. Thinking back on it, yes I should have landed right away.

  5. Gerry Yarrish says:

    thanks for adding to the conversation Adam! It was a very exciting flight for sure!

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