Hobby People / Hubsan Spy Hawk FPV Flight Video

Jul 19, 2012 2 Comments by

I took the little Spy Hawk out to the flying field and here’s some of the video i shot. The video quality is great considering it is all included with the plane.  Flies great as it was a little windy during the flight! Enjoy!


Gerry Yarrish, Hobby People

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2 Responses to “Hobby People / Hubsan Spy Hawk FPV Flight Video”

  1. Edo McGowan says:

    Gerry, actually that’s a pretty interesting, but at the same time,scary flight. I don’t think even in combat or cropdusting one would see the same views, but then you are right off the deck and these RCs can do amazing things. Part of the problem, from my perspective is the narrow angle of the camera view from the cockpit, thus, much of the information available to the human binocular lateral vision is missing. I’d be turning my head tracking the ground, but that seems not to be available. Perhaps a camera on a swivel? This stuff is all new to me so I hope this is not an inane comment.

    Thanks & Cheers———————-Edo

  2. John Wilkes says:

    Did you crash it? – how was it afterwards? eg could it absorb the shock and remain undamaged? Was it easy to repair? How long was the flight duration on a full charge? Is it stable in flight? How well does it fly in windy conditions?

    Thanks in advance

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