Super scale monster helicopter

Aug 22, 2012 6 Comments by

The IRCHA Jamboree is the place to be if you love RC helicopters, and rotor-craft of all types and sizes were in abundance at this year’s event. One standout is this 40-pound monster, the handiwork of  Joel Rosenzweig from Marlborough, NH. His IRCHA Scale winning Erickson Air Crane S64F weighs in at 40 pounds, has a 6 blade rotor head and 4 blade tail rotor, and uses four 5S 5,000mAh battery packs which gives it a 9-minute flight time at 950 main rotor rpm. This looks more scale than the full size version! (For more IRCHA news and photos, click here!)

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A regular contributor to Model Airplane News, he is also the columnist for our “Rotor Speed” helicopter column. Paul has been flying RC helicopters since the early ‘80s and now enjoys all types of rotary machines, including scale and aerobatics, and he continues to experiment with modifications to improve performance.

6 Responses to “Super scale monster helicopter”

  1. Dave says:

    What a beautiful machine, must be s real joy to fly .

  2. Jacques Huiot says:

    hey guys, you there in USA I am looking for some help to establish blades lenght lenght and rpm for a 3 blades head on a new Thunder Tiger E720 weighing 9.7 lbs with battery specifed by designer. My payload will be 5.6 lbs.

    you have desined and built a nice big strong baby! what about other details power rpm blades lenght tyoe of flybarless.

    Jacques Huot Quebec city

  3. Tim says:

    An excellent scale reproduction. Enjoy flying it.

  4. Paul Tradelius says:

    Here is a link to Hiroki Ito’s 3 bladed helicopter at IRCHA.

    He is using standard 600 mm blades – but 3 of them for better performance. Therefore, for the TT E720 I would try 3 – 700 blades – but the lightest ones you can find. Keep up the rotorspeed prior to liftoff, and during flight, and I would think they should work well. Let us know how you make out.

  5. Neil passfield says:

    where could i find one like that i like Erickson air Crane S64F our can you buy them in remote control

  6. Bill jones says:

    At one time I made main rotor and tail rotor parts for these in real life. I laser cut then remachined the ribs for Erickson air crane . Now I want to find one in an RC and paint it in my company colors. Where can I find one? I retired and closed my shop. Please email me at


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