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Tips & Tricks: Easy Epoxy Remover [October 2012]

Tips & Tricks: Easy Epoxy Remover [October 2012]

Easy Epoxy Remover: Sometimes there is a real need to separate two parts that are epoxied together such as after a crash when you need to glue them back together.  One of the easiest ways to separate the epoxy from the wood is to use a heat gun like the one used for shrink covering.  Just head up the epoxy with the gun and then loosen it by using a scribe or small screwdriver to remove it from the wood.  If you have heat-shrink  covering on the other side of the wood, use a wet cloth sponge up against it to keep that cool while heating up the other side.

Rick Slomba – Lake Suzy, FL

For more Tips & Tricks, check out page 16 in the Model Airplane News September Issue.

Updated: September 6, 2012 — 11:01 AM

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