Ali Machinchy at the Horizon US Air Meet

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Ali Machinchy is always one of those pilots you can count on for flying something intersting, exciting and entertaining! Ali is most often seen and better known in the hobby industry as an accomplished demo Pilot. A true showman through and through, Ali performed at flightline central at the US Air Meet with an impressive T-tailed all composite 7 meter span glider/sailplane. What made this demo exciting was that it was powered by a turbine powered jet engine attached just behind the cockpit! The plane was detailed inside and out and look like it just came out of the molds, but his flight was simply amazing. Even in the constant wind, Ali flew amazing aerobatics including slow and point rolls, inverted flight and other wing bending high-G maneuvers. If you’ve never see Ali fly, put it on your bucket-list! It is simply amazing. Oh! And he flies it at night too!


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3 Responses to “Ali Machinchy at the Horizon US Air Meet”

  1. Ken Park says:

    This model is owned by Canadian Chuck Storrie of Burlington, Ontario. Chuck is seen all over the US and Canada at Jet events with his giant van full of models Chuck often has a pro pilot help him out with the flying duties.

    Notes taken from the Wingham Jet event I attended this year

    The model is an ASK21 Glider with a 7-meter wingspan, powered by a Jet Central Eagle that puts out 30 pounds of thrust. The model weighs about 50 pounds. The plane has a very realistic large scale pilot by Axle. The model is a 1- to 2.5-scale built from a kit by Airworld Germany. The model’s long ailerons are split to reduce the load with a separate servo in each half. The model also has spoilers that kill the lift

  2. Gerry Yarrish says:

    thanks for the details Ken! Good reporting!

  3. Chris Ottewell says:

    I was amused to see that the pilot is modeled on his Dad, Al senior! A nice touch don’t you think?

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