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During the spring I designed & built an RC model stand for a friend.  The idea was to build a stand that would make it easier to assemble and disassemble the aircraft.  This stand should work for most 40-60 size airplanes, modelers may want to create/change to suit their own tastes too.  The construction is basic woodworking most modelers shouldn’t have any difficulty with building the stand.

1.      Drill a ¼-in. hole in center of each leg (1×2-inch x 4-foot pine). 

2.      Drill two ½-in. holes in legs 1 foot in from either end; these will be for the dowels.

3.      Cut the end of each leg at 30 degrees maintaining the length of 48 inches (i.e. trim off a corner).

4.      Round the top of each leg keeping the edges square.

5.      Using the ¼-in. bolt washers & lock nut assemble the legs like scissors, the angle at bottom of legs should point in opposite directions one washer should be between the two legs. Tighten snugly but the legs should be able to open easily like an ‘X’.  Both ’X’s should be the same NOT mirror images.

6.      Open one of the sets of legs to form an ‘X’ with bottom of legs flush on flat surface.  Install folding locking stay horizontal between legs across the lower section of ‘X’.  Repeat for other set of legs.

7.      Open one of the sets of legs forming an ‘X’.  Glue the 4 36-in. dowels into the same side of ‘X’ ensuring the end of dowel is flush with leg face.  Glue the other end of the dowels into holes in the other ‘X’; make sure that ‘X’s are pointing the same way.  Open the stand on a flat surface, twist as needed to ensure all four legs are flat on surface.

8.      After glue has dried, cut the nylon strap in two lengths of 30 inches.  Attach the strap to the top of one of the legs (outside edge) using wood screw & cup washer.  Attach other end of strap to opposite leg on same ‘X’ in same manner leaving a 4”- 5” droop in middle.  Repeat for other side of stand.

9.      Sand & finish the model stand in your preferred method, paint, lacquer, varathane, etc.  The completed stand will support models up to 12 lbs (maybe more I haven’t tried).  When folded the stand is approximately 3-in. thick and easily carried in most vehicles.

If you have any questions on building the stand please don’t hesitate to email me .

List of Materials:

4 – 1”x2”x 4’ pine

4 – ½”x 3’ dowels

2 – ¼” x 2” bolts

6 – large ¼” flat washers

2 – 1/4 “ nylon lock nuts

2 – 7” folding locking stays

4 – #8 1” wood screws

4 – #8 cup washers

1 – 6’ x 1” nylon strap


Carl Layden

About the author

Carl provides coverage of Atlantic Canadian events and people. In more than 30 years of RC flight, his interest has ranged from micro to giant scale, including a few of his own designs. He has served on the MAAC board of directors and was president from 2004-2006.

5 Responses to “Build a Stand for your RC Model”

  1. Gerry Yarrish says:

    Nice field accessory Carl. Looks professional!

  2. bluz says:

    Love this simple, easy to put togehter, needed accessory.
    Thanks for sharing. For aching backs everywhere.

  3. Kim Jeppesen says:

    Already sanding, grinding ,drilling …. ;o)

    Thanks for sharing this nice accessory!

    I will throw away my steel-rack now!

  4. william sidney says:

    this looks great an easy to make I am on my way Lows today looks easy will put water pipe insulation on the the top rails

  5. Carl Layden says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated. Like you folks I need to make another too as the prototype was given to a friend for his Jackal 50. The pipe insulation idea from Bill is good mod too.

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