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Tips & Tricks: Shine On! [November]

Tips & Tricks: Shine On! [November]

Shine On: To get rid of hazy, dull finishes on your covering, use a wash/wax-in-one spray.  I prefer Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer but Turtle Wax and others will work just as well.  The spray gets rid of fingerprints, removes haze from oils and cleaners, and removes bugs and grass stains.  Just spray it on and wipe it dry with a microfiber cloth to a mirror finish.  It’s safe for all glossy finishes and plastics and will not leave a while residue in cracks.  It also helps hide fine scratches in the canopy.

Chris Mays – Palatine, IL

Updated: September 21, 2012 — 2:08 PM

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