Great Planes Phazer, First Look!

Sep 26, 2012 4 Comments by

We got our first look at the Great Planes Phazer, and we were very impressed with the speed of this delta wing aircraft.  The Phazer is an easy to assemble ARF that went together quickly, with very clear directions.  Once done, you have a great looking ducted fan that is solid in the air.  Did I mention that it is fast? Listen to what Michael York has to say about this great flying bird.


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West Coast senior editor About me: I’ve been involved with RC aircraft since high school and have flown just about everything. I started my RC career with scratch-building, but now like many pilots I rely on ARFs to get me in the air. My main focus is on pylon racing, aerobats, combat and scale warbirds.

4 Responses to “Great Planes Phazer, First Look!”

  1. High Nitro says:

    Michael, great presentation and review. Love the outtakes.

    I have the Evader, same motor, fan configuration. A real screamer. Need 300 feet to land, and a breeze. The Phazer looks like it is capable of high(er) alpha flight. The Evader has 26 flights so far. The GP F-16, same motor/fan, had two flights… yeah, downwind turn stall, woosy servo wires, hardly any wing…. pretty, but 100% throttle flying not too much fun… I would like to match this Phazer against my Squall VT. Phazer looks faster, but I’ll bet it won’t do inverted flat spins. We shall see! You are certainly correct regarding Great Planes quality and Tower Hobbies service. Love those guys.

    Thanks again for a great review.

  2. Gerry Yarrish says:

    Awesome video! Great Job John and Mike! Need to put this in the Radio Control Show!

  3. Mike York says:

    Thanks guys, glad you like the out takes. I’m pretty good at supplying plenty of footage.
    High Nitro- I think this plane is an absolute blast, and a bit more stable than the Squall at full tilt, but without a rudder or thrust vectoring, you’ll easily win the flat spin category ;) . Haven’t had a chance to fly the Evader, so can’t make a comparison. All I can say is that the Phazer won’t dissapoint!
    Thanks for checking out the video.
    Gerry- John can definitely put together a great video, especially considering how he has to sift through my goof ups.

  4. John Reid says:

    Mike, your goof ups are easy, If you want to see the king of outtake goof-ups, check out this link:

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