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I was fortunate enough to attend the 9th annual Warbirds over the Rockies event, and as always, it was an amazing experience. Every day of this 3-day event there was Open flying and from 9Am till 5PM with a noon time show, the “History of Military Aviation show” that was not to be missed. Also on Saturday evening there was an impressive Banquet speaker, Tuskegee Airmen Col. Charles McGee, Pilot of the Red Tail P-51 “Kitten” Add to this full size aircraft flyovers Mass launch of electric warbirds and fire filled pyrotechnic displays, you just can’t have a more exciting time.

(Above) B-25 pilot Lyle Vasser with Steve Forrest’s B-29, and  Jimmy Cowman’s B-17 look pretty good flying together. Everyone had a great flight with a fairly tight formation.

Here are a few pix I snapped.

(Above) Event Originator, Brian O’Meara, had his massive P-47 Jug airborne throughout the event. Mere 123 lbs!

(Above) Part of the full scale, halftime show, a gorgeous, smoke-equipped Hawker Sea Fury.


(Above) The model “Enola Gay” B-29 recreated the first atomic bomb drop which ended WWII in Japan.


(Above) Terry Peterson’s Mustang about to put the zap on Eduardo Estavez’  Bf-109. Lots of reenactment action at Warbirds Over the Rockies!

Also, I stole this YouTube video playing on the WARBIRDS OVER THE ROCKIES website.

Watch for more postings coming from this awe inspiring warbird gathering in Colorado.

Rich Uravitch

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His modeling career encompasses a broad range of aviation subjects, from small electric models and electric ducted fans to the giant scale and warbirds. He has been the Top Gun craftsmanship judge for several years. He has designed, built and flown several sport-scale RC aircraft, several of which can be purchased at the AirAgeStore.com website.


  1. M. Mabe says:

    Would love to go to a show like this!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Robert J Hinch says:

    I would also like to go to that show Is there anyway to get this complete video

  3. Dennis Johnson says:

    WOTR is a great warbird event!! I attended last year but missed this year. My friends form Missouri, Lyle Vasser and Steve Forest, always put on a great show with their B-25 and “Enola Gay” B-29 aircraft.

  4. david loveday says:

    where is this show held? i would love to go

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