Flying the Canadair CL 415 Super Scooper

Oct 24, 2012 9 Comments by

This is outstanding! You just don’t hear much about aerial fire fighting in Europe but these Spaniards have gotten it down! Check out how low they fly over cars, roads and buildings on their way to pick-up water. The pilots are really yanking the controls around when they get close to the fire. This is probably one of the better aerial firefighting flying videos out there.


43 Grupo 2012 from Hidros on Vimeo.

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9 Responses to “Flying the Canadair CL 415 Super Scooper”

  1. member22717 says:

    Great video, but those aircraft are the Bombardier 415, formerly known as the Canadair CL 415 Super Scooper. They are assembeled at the Bombardier Aerospace facility near North Bay, Ontario.

    • John Reid says:

      Sorry I do not know that much about this plane, so I would have to agree with you. I just took the title that was given for it. My main focus was that this was just a really cool video :-)
      Thanks member 22717 I will change the title.

  2. Al says:

    Outstanding film work. note the amount of control input used to fly this bird. These guys have to be really wiped out after a mission.

  3. maurice poirier says:

    nice but can i take water with my cl315 radio control,thank.

  4. Gustave Turcotte says:

    Very nice and realistic video

  5. Ray says:

    Here “” you can buy an all metal CL415 if you have the money. I believe this is the ultimate CL415 model.

  6. Yves Auger says:

    Thanks for this super video… i love this plane… here is an FPV onboard ride in my CL415 :

  7. r.cannon says:

    Lotta guts and faith in your equipment to fly like that!

  8. Prop Junkie says:

    I’d rather hear the sounds of the airplane than the lousy music, but thanks for the great video!

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