Pilot test: “Bambi Bucket” Competition

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At the Helicopter Scale Masters in Sacramento earlier this month, competitors tested their piloting skills by manevuering their scale helis over a pool and picking up water with an underslung bucket. As YouTube poster Flynlyons notes, “Trying to hover a RC helicopter in one spot for more than a few seconds is rather difficult to say the least, doing it while trying to fill up an underslung bucket (Bambi Bucket) from a water source, now that’s what I call REAL skill! Besides fighting your own rotor wash and the newly added weight from the water (pick up a gallon and see how ‘light’ it is) you must concentrate on not getting the bucket stuck/wedged into something… Like your tail rotor!  Don’t laugh, it’s an ever present danger even for the real aircraft, especially just after you release all that ballast.  Then comes the landing which means you must keep that empty bucket away from your main rotor during landing and spool down.” Check it out!


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