See the Space Station without a telescope

Nov 05, 2012 12 Comments by

How cool is this?  To celebrate the 12th anniversary of astronauts living and working on the International Space Station, NASA is launching a new service to alert people when they can see the orbiting lab from their backyard!

Sign up at Spot the Station and they will email or text you with a few hours’ warning when the station can be seen from Earth. NASA says, “It looks like a fast moving point of light, similar to Venus, and is typically visible at dawn or dusk, when the moon is the only brighter object visible in the sky.”

I’m signing up right now!

Debra Cleghorn

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12 Responses to “See the Space Station without a telescope”

  1. jim cotton says:

    anxious to see the space station

  2. jim cotton says:

    anxious to see the space station from Melbourne , Florida zip 32940

  3. Ed McDonald says:

    Would binoculars enhance the viewing?

  4. Rick says:

    I use NASA’s app for the iPhone. The app is free and has a sighting section that will tell you when you can expect to see it in your area. Also gives you the direction it will be coming from and how long you can expect to see it. My kids have seen it flyby several times and are in awe each time.

  5. Bob says:

    Space Station sighting info plus sighting info for gobs of other satellites and space objects for your specific location is available from

  6. Les Harding says:

    Look forward to seeing the Space Station at Argentine, Michigan, about twenty miles south-west of Flint, Michigan.

  7. Les Harding says:

    What time can I look for it and in what direction?

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      If you sign up, you’ll get an email that tells you when the station will be passing over your spot of the world! Depends on where you are located.

  8. Ron Prokopchuk says:

    Interested in seeing the space station, have not
    seen it for several years.

  9. Paul B says:

    Thanks let me know when I can view it from Ariss ontario Canada n0b 1b0

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      Hi Paul, you need to sign up at the NASA site and they’ll send you emails or texts when the station is visible from your area.

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