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Tips & Tricks: Custom fit for your wing [December]

Tips & Tricks: Custom fit for your wing [December]

Custom fit for your wing: Looking for a less expensive, effective and truly custom wing bag?  Try Reflectix foil insulation that can be found at any hardware store.  It is like bubble wrap with mylar on both sides and comes on a roll.  Start by laying your wing on half of it and fold it over the top.  Then, cut off the excess but leave a few inches around and a little extra for a fold over flap.  Use a regular stapler, spaced as close as you can, to seal up the edges.  You can staple the edges with the wing inside to give it a sung fit.  Add handles made out of flat nylon cording purchased at a fabric store.

Chris Mays – Palatine, IL

Updated: November 8, 2012 — 11:59 AM

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