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  1. The human powered airplane competition required demonstrated flight at altitude, distance and manueverability. This ‘human-powered helicopter’ technically could win by only going up for the required time and then drop and crash within the limit. Doesn’t even need to fly outdoors. Thumbs down on this endeavor.
    Think back to Kitty Hawk; The Wright Flyer was the first CONTROLLABLE airplane. Even the Wrights admitted that the 1905 airplane was their first practical machine and gave their first safe flights (at Dayton, not at Kitty Hawk).
    Also, the first ‘pilots liscense’ was given to a woman at NYC about 6 months before Kitty Hawk for soloing a powered, manueverable lighter than air ship. The owner taught her to fly it and gave her a letter of pilot certification.
    It is said that he refused to teach her at first until he succumbed to feminime charms……

  2. you are an idiot

  3. you are not retarded : )

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