Vintage A/2 Glider

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I feel that R/C flyers of vintage models have tended to neglect gliders, in particular the ‘Nordic’ class A/2 designs of the late 1940′s to early 1950′s.

The class rules produced models around 60″ to 74″ wingspan, 15 ounces minimum weight, and a body of 5 square inches minimum x-section.

The nice thing is that they can be built exactly as the originals, with plenty of room to fit 2-channel R/C in the original fuselage.

They were quite strongly designed air-frames to take the knocks of flying in European contest weather, but of very high performance.

With their high lift airfoils it is difficult to get much height  for HLG, but a very light bungee works fine on flat fields and they only need light thermals to go up.

As wing loading is around 7 ounces/square foot, slope flying in light winds is no problem.

The photo shows a  ’Snark’ designed by Dick Twomey in 1952.  This particular model is over 20 years old and still flying well.

There are literally a hundred designs available, most of which haven’t ever been built for R/C.

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Roy Norris is from Wiltshire in the UK and has been flying RC since 1955. He won the British National Championships in scale as well as the RAF Championships and has seen RC grow from its infancy to present day. He was a flight engineer for full-size aircraft before he retired, and he also owned a model shop.

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  1. PGregory says:

    Nice looking Snark.

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