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Tips & Tricks: Cutting Corners On Patch Jobs

Tips & Tricks: Cutting Corners On Patch Jobs

Cutting corners on patch jobs: When using Monokote or UltraCote to repair rips and punctures in model coverings, start by cutting a round or oval patch repair piece.  This will help to keep the corners from lifting off later on.  Leave one corner square to help peel off the backing with a razor blade or hobby knife, then round it before applying the patch to the repairs.

Michael York – Redlands, CA

Updated: December 5, 2012 — 11:07 AM

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  1. Nice tip, I’ve been using this approach for years. Only problem is if the original monokote has a pattern which a square or rectangle patch would hide the boundary lines better.

    I’ve also found that using round is tricky when applying, as the slightest bit too much heat and you get radiating wrinkles from the center that looks like a spider web.

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