Flyzone Millenium Master

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The Millennium Master would make an excellent second aileron airplane after a new RC pilot masters his first or second trainer. Its performance and maneuverability will delight any sport pilot looking for a sleek, scale-looking airplane. Check out this in-flight video with reviewer Bob Labriola.

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  1. Carlos Marin says:

    This is a proven technology with regard to the AeroCel Foam. I had first experience with my model to have an ESC issue and the model crashed. Yet, my buddies flew like a dream. I was able to repair mine using a regular house hold hair Dryer and the crushed foam cells popped right out and the canopy slid right in like the model never had crashed. I even was able to piece back the nose wheel and motor mount back together and re-enforced it. Needless to say, HOBBICO is taking good care of me and the model is on its way back to them for Warranty replacement and further investigations on the ESC issue. Yes, it is one of the best flying models and super durable.

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