Next Level 650mm Quadcopter

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When we first looked at the Next Level 650mm Quadcopter from Innov8tive Designs, we knew we had to have one. This aircraft would be the perfect platform to shoot some great low-level aerial photos and videos during event coverage. Now I am not a helicopter pilot, I only fly aircraft with wings, but I was assured that this quad was extremely easy to fly with the Naza system and that I would have no problem with flying it. “Well,” I thought, “Why not put that sales pitch to the test?” So, we quickly ordered one and found out that the first shipment was sold out. Once the next shipment arrived at Innov8tive Designs, one was sent to us.
One of the first things I noticed when the package arrived was how neatly everything was bundled and labeled. All of the parts were in their own bags and labeled to match the instructions for assembly. The second thing was the quality of all the parts—the aluminum bars are thick and provide a solid framework for the quad motor mounts. The Naza multi-rotor controller and GPS unit are all top quality components along with the Next Level ESCs and Cobra motors. The build can easily be done by anyone with some modeling experience (or if you ever built a Lego set as a kid), thanks to the good-quality manual along with excellent customer service should you need assistance with items not covered in the manual.

Pilot Debriefing
Quads are becoming the newest and greatest thing for many pilots, and we are finding many cool uses for this stable aerial platform. We mounted a GoPro camera to ours and got some nice flying photos and videos. The Innov8tive Designs Next Level multi-rotor 650mm Quad is a very well-built and solid flying platform. This unit can stand up to daily use and the occasional bad landing. If you are looking for a strong quad-rotor frame with a very reliable flight system, this is the one you want.

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