Tech Tip: Easy servo lead ID

Jan 25, 2013 4 Comments by

Looking for an easy way to identify the tangle of servo leads in your plane’s wing or fuselage? Check out this video tech tip from John Reid.

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4 Responses to “Tech Tip: Easy servo lead ID”

  1. Pete Blair says:

    Excellent tip. Never thought I would say this but Im going to buy some nail polish. Pete

  2. member180 says:

    I have doing that for years.

  3. flyoz says:

    Is amazing how obvious great ideas seem when someone else points them out.

    I have been using Nail Polish paint as a thread lock, say on servo horn screws and also to show I have checked em in the build, but never though to use the paint for such an obvious task D’oh

  4. Jerry Festa says:

    I also use nail polish to balance my props….dries quickly and you can always add a little more and if too much, add some to the other blade:)

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