On Sale Now! Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft 72

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Alien Aircraft Taylorcraft 72

Our good friend Tom Herr at Alien Aircraft has just announced to availablilty of his new 6-foot span, glow powered sport scale Taylorcraft, and the kits are available now! Known for their great flying and easy to build laser cut electric powered kits, Alien Aircraft has taken the extremely popular laser cut kits to a new serious level and the new glow powered Taylorcraft is just the beginning. If you are looking for something that is easy to build, and flies like a trainer, this classic civilian aircraft might be for you.


Kit:                     Taylorcraft 72  # AK-502

Wingspan:         72 in.

Wing Area:       717 Sq.in.

Weight:               6 to 6.5 lbs.

Wing Loading:  19.3 oz / Sq.’

Radio Required:  4 Channel (aileron, throttle, rudder, elevator)

Glow Power:       .40 – .60 2-stroke Engine or .50 – .90 4-stroke

Optional EPower: Himax HC-3528-0800 Motor Battery: 4 Cell, 5000 mAh LIPO

Designed by: Tom Herr

For more information, give Tom a call at: Alien Aircraft, 403-A Flomich Street, Holly Hill, FL. 32117

Phone 386-676-0074; or check out his Web Site: www.alienaircraft.com. He has  E-Mail too!  alienaircraft@att.net


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  1. David R Johnson says:

    I ordered a Taylorcraft 57 70 wingspan from the Brits. It supposedly is shipped already. Will this fly? Can i put a PAW Diesel on it?

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