How To Make Removable Wheelpants

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Often grass and debris can get packed into the wheel coverings and even wrap around the axle, causing the wheel to bind. This technique allows the pants to easily be removed without having to remove the wheel as sell. And the attachment bolts used to hold the pants in place also prevent them from pivoting out of position–a common effect of vibration. Let’s do it.


STEP 1  The equipment and material needed are few. You need of course the spring aluminum landing gear and wheels, a Du-Bro axle fitting and wheel collars, a Dremel Moto-Tool with a cutoff wheel and grinding drum, Zap glue, kicker and Z-42 thread-lock, and 4-40 machine screws and blind nuts. If your wheel pants don’t come with a plywood support block already glued into place, you can make one from 1/2-inch thick lite-ply.


STEP 8  Place the wheel on the axle, mark the position of the outer wheel collar and grind a flat spot on the end of the axle. Install the wheel collar using thread-lock to secure the set screw. Place the wheel plants over the wheel and against the landing gear. Block the tail of the wheel pants (see the batteries here) up about 1 1/2 inches from the work surface. Now drill through the front hole and into the wheel pants, going all the way through the support block inside. Remove the wheel pants, clean off any shavings, insert a blind nut and reinstall the wheel pants. Attach the pants with the first attachment bold, double-check its position and drill the second hole. Remove the pants again and install the second blind nut.


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4 Responses to “How To Make Removable Wheelpants”

  1. james via says:

    very neat ,i will try that. making removable wheel pants.

  2. Robert Sealy says:

    Great how-to article. As a fiberglass parts supplier to Jerry Bates and Larry Katona (Precision Cut Kits/Don Smith Designs), I do have one complaint regarding wheel pants. From a manufacturers point of view, a set of wheel pants takes about twice as long to produce as a cowl, but sell for half the price. Bummer. However, if I didn’t enjoy making fiberglass parts, I would have quit 25 years ago. One suggestion to anyone considering making money from their hobby. For every hour you spend trying to make some money, spend four to five hours building and flying for yourself. Otherwise, it’s no longer a hobby. May we all continue to fly forever.

  3. Rodolfo Costa Filho says:

    It works!


  4. Donald says:

    Although I can see it, and the cutout within it, I would have liked to see a photograph of the block you created, just for reference.

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