MRC Super Brain Instinct 965

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 AC/DC Charger

Do you need an AC/DC Charger with a very user-friendly Design. The new Super Brain Instinct 965 from MRC has an easy 3-Button Start and will charge 1 to 3 cell LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe batteries, 1 to 8 cell Ni-Cd and NiMH packs and up to 12 volt Lead Acid and Gel Cell batteries. It has charge rates of .05 to 6 amps and automatically detects the number of cells in the pack.

 AC/DC Charger

It has a backlit LCD screen, built-in an Accutec Lithium balancing feature and an optional USB computer interface.

RC battery care

Priced at less than $65 it is an excellent value for anyone who’s serious about their RC battery care.

RC battery care

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  1. Randy Oswald says:

    Can’t recommend this charger. The oddball output connector means that all of your charge cords with banana jacks now need an adapter or you need to make all new cords.

    Worse, it isn’t polarity protected! I grabbed the wrong input cord (a transmitter cords center neg instead of the center pos that the charger wants) instantly fried the DC input side of the charger. AC still works so it’s not a total write off.

    I call this really poor design. All of my other chargers are protected from reverse polarity. A $70 charger trashed for the want of a 10 cent diode.

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