Navigation by “crash”

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This UAV shows that there’s more than one way to get from point “A” to point “B”: it flies into objects and recovers until it finds a clear route! This actually makes sense when you hear that the AirBurr UAV is designed specifically to navigate close and dark spaces, like a collapsed mine or a damaged nuclear power plant. When it crashes, it rights itself by extending its carbon-fiber, spring-loaded legs and then resumes flight. It even analyzes the position and force of its crashes so it can create a “map” of its surroundings. Pretty neat!


Debra Cleghorn, Featured News

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  1. Douglas Dixon says:

    Wow! That looks like me leaving the local bar! No but seriously, this is awesome. This will be a great advantage to specific applications, and the technology will only improve after time. This is amazing. Now the next question is ‘where can I get one’, and ‘how much?’ I can simply tie a string to it and find my way home!
    Douglas D. Central Cal.

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