Turbine Powered Biplane at Florida Jets w/video

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You just never know what you are going to find on the flightline at the annual Florida Jets event in Lakeland Florida. Hosted by Frank Tiano the father of the Top Gun Scale Invitational, Florida Jets brings together the cream of the crop from the Jet and turbine engine industries!

turbine-powered Biplane

Model Airplane News contributor Rich Uravitch was on scene and he covered the event for our upcoming July 2013 issue. As for this impressive aircraft, Rich says:

“Goetz Vogelsang flew a slick looking model that, at first glance, makes you ask “why”? It’s an aerobatic, all composite, turbine-powered BIPLANE! It’s called the “Quantum” and he describes it as “a Christen Eagle on steroids.” I’m still not totally convinced of its esthetic qualities, but the performance is remarkable and a “mono” conversion makes it a single winged sport jet in minutes! Neat concept, certainly will appeal to the biplane purists out there!”

turbine-powered Biplane
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Video interview by Rich Uravitch. Photos by Rich Uravitch and David Hart.

turbine-powered Biplane

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10 Responses to “Turbine Powered Biplane at Florida Jets w/video”

  1. Jim Slaughter says:

    Lets see it fly some of those low speed maneuvers!

  2. allen weast says:

    its so nice to see whe names of people who have money get there things for free and fly all over the world for free>>

  3. Ben Lanterman says:

    That is a delightful design concept. Now if it had some wire rigging and spoked wheels……..

  4. Robert wilkerson says:

    I just went to the poor house looking at this plane

  5. Bob Babcock says:

    I want to see it fly and do 3D maneuvers. Next issue of Model Airplane News????

  6. Shlomo Hakim says:

    Has to be called the “Turbipe”…:-)

  7. Jason says:

    Definitely different. Cool…….. and blasphemy at the same time. lol

  8. Dan Egelhoff says:

    Jet drivers are always trying to connect themselves with real pilots. It’s nothing like a Christen unless you make it a tail-dragger. One wing or two wings – for the indecisive.

  9. Jim Strong says:

    What a gyp, who gives a rat butt about the interview. Want to see it fly.
    Yarish is the ultimate ego maniac.

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