Reached the Half-Way Point!

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There’s an old saying about Building scale model airplanes. When you are finished building, you are halve way done with the project. Well last week I ran out of things to glue together with the Balsa USA 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane, so it is official, I have reached the half-way point in the project!

Here’s my To Do list as of today!

IMG_0009 (3)

To Do List 28 /12 Tasks

  1. Install Cabane/Landing Gear Fairings
  2. Finish Cabane Rigging Wires/Clevises
  3. Install Elevator Hinges/Control Horns
  4. Install Elevator Servos
  5. Make/Install Elevator Pushrods/Linkages/Exit
  6. Install Aileron Hinges/Control Horns
  7. Install Aileron Servos/Hatches
  8. Make/Install Wing Radio/Hatch/Switches
  9. Install Engine
  10. Install Fuel Tank/Fuel Lines/Filler Valve
  11. Install Throttle Servo/Throttle Linkage/Choke Linkage
  12. Install Smoke Pump/Smoke Lines/Filler Valve
  13. Install Receiver/Battery Pack
  14. Install Rudder Servo
  15. Install Rudder Control Horns
  16. Rudder Pull-Pull Cables
  17. Install Engine Cowl/Mount Blocks/Attachment Screws
  18. Cut/trim/Install Cowl Face Plate/Enlarge Prop Shaft Opening
  19. Install Axles/Wheels/solder Bearing Tubes/Cotter Pins
  20. Install Landing Gear Rigging Wires/Clevises
  21. Fiberglass Sub-Wing
  22. Install Sub-Wing
  23. Cover and Finish/Rib Stitches & Tapes
  24. Paint and Trim
  25. Stain & Clear-Coat Interplane Struts
  26. Install Cockpit Details/Cockpit Combing/Pilot Figure/Instrument panel/Machine Guns

Pre-Flight Check

  1. Balance & Check Control Throws & Directions
  2. Balance Propellers
  3. Engine Test run / Bench Run / Check idle & Top End
  4.  Commit Aviation!




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