RC Quad-Motor Tilt Rotor Transport

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Just when you think you’ve seen everything, something new comes along and you sit back and just say wow! So it the case for this amazing homebuilt RC transport airplane that has tilt wing mounted motors–four of them! And, not only does this cool backyard bomber fly extremely well, it is also aerobatic in that it flies pretty good inverted as well.

RC Quad-Motor Tilt Rotor Transport

Check out this awesome A-Team inspired video posted by FoamandTape. We love it! It is complete with Airsoft guns, night rescue missions, RC tanks and yes, bottle rockets and sparklers! Video shot by Peter Sripol, Stephen Sripol and Sam Foskuhl. Stunt pilot and director Peter Sirpol. Excellent work guys!

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12 Responses to “RC Quad-Motor Tilt Rotor Transport”

  1. Adrian says:

    Old video, almost a year old, but still entertaining.

  2. Trey Chanter says:

    What a hoot! Get somebody to kit the plane!

  3. chip says:

    Great job guys and loads of fun based on giggles at the end….which is what doing rc is all about
    Hope to see you guys at Joe Nall if you can come.

  4. mario cuccia says:

    i am mario from italy , i see your quad motor titlt rotor transport, and i love it, can you explane me what quad control have you installeed and when you fly not like a quadrotor but like a airplane what setup have you done.
    I don’t speak very well but i think that you understand me.
    Best regards
    Mario Cuccia

  5. Vicar says:

    Although this aircraft is of great interest because of its capabilities, it bothers me what I see on the video. Flying over homes, over people, from a moving car, firing rockets… all the things we are trying to stay away from in order for the UAV monster not to destroy our hobby.

    I think that the magazine should exhibit a little more restrain in including material that could be detrimental to the hobby… on the other side “fire” increases circulation.

  6. Paul Br says:

    did not get to see much of this quad tilt rotor machine in detail.Thought the video kind of sucked
    I was disappointed!

  7. Gabriel says:

    Nice job Peter!

  8. Alex says:

    Pretty neat!

  9. mario quiroz says:

    That’s very fine and congratulations, is a funy.

  10. mike says:


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