Workshop Build-Along: 6-foot Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft

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We continue with our from the workshop airplane build-along of the new laser-cut Taylorcraft kit from Alien Aircraft. Designed by Tom Herr, this glow powered sport scale classic has a 72 inch wingspan and easy to build lock-tab construction.

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

Our¬†contributor Mike Greenshields says: ” This airplane is built like a tank, yet it is light and easy to build. I am sure once the wing is complete, I’ll be able to use is as a ramp so I can work on my car!” Mike is co-ordinating the build that is being done as a team effort with members of his club the Scale Squadron of Southern California. During the build some minor mods are also being added to help bring out, the model’s inner scale-ness which will help should someone wish to enter this easy to build plane in scale competition!

Installment 2

The kit is building well. Parts have fit, structure seems quite sturdy, and the manual continues to be detailed and accurate. The servos for the fuselage have been installed. They went in without issue.

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

The wing tips have been installed. This was a little bit of work. However, if you follow the directions they do go on ok. They then need sanding and shaping. Our fit wasn’t perfect but that’s really OK. Filler will resolve the minor imperfections. So, it’s given us the opportunity to show modifications that are NOT necessary but might make the plane more user-friendly, more scale, and just simply custom.

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot


We’ve begun to cover the tail. What we’re showing here is an easy way to simluate stitching and fabric covering style of a full-size aircraft with almost no work. Our Taylorcraft is to be covered with Solartex and then painted. This will give a nice fabric look without much fuss because Solartex is so easy to use.

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

We’ve simulated the stitching and reinforcement tape and edging. First cover the part. Then decide where stitching might be. Cut a scrap of covering 3/32″ inch wide. Then cut another 3/16″ wide. Apply the thinner tape first and then the wider tape over the top. You’ve got layers that will show and were easy to do. Then cover the edges with a strip that is about 1/2″ wide. This simulates the edging that all fabric covered planes have.


We’ve added Stringers to the top and bottom and a little fake frame to give that fabric over-metal look. Notice the top and bottom detail pictures that show the slight additions. No-More Model-airplane looking square fuselage!

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

The kit includes a big piece of wood on the bottom, pre-formed. So, it was super easy to turn this into a hatch. This will allow more cabin detail later if we desire without radio access issues.

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

We added an outerframe to the door shape. Later we will cut out the door and show how to hinge it and make it look more realistc.

Taylorcraft from Alien Aircraft 6-foot

There’s really all sorts of opportunities to add scale detailing to this easy to build relativly simple airplane. With a good .40 -.60 glow engine inside the cowling, it will be a very good, easy to fly scale candidate for anyone wanting to try out Scale Masters Qualifiers in their area!

Stay tuned!

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