Top Gun: live from the flightline!

May 01, 2013 2 Comments by

The 25th annual Top Gun Scale Invitational is underway, and Model Airplane News will posting live from the flight line all weekend! Gerry and I couldn’t be more excited to be here, together with more than a hundred of the best builders and pilots in the world. We talked with Stephen Thomas who is breaking with tradition by flying a civilian glider tug. His Rallye Morane is a ’60s French aerotow plane and has internally mounted hinges on all flying surfaces, functional leading edge spoilers and a beautifully detailed cockpit. A 3W 150cc twin turning a Falcon 28×14 prop provides the power.










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2 Responses to “Top Gun: live from the flightline!”

  1. Harold L. says:

    These ultra large scale models are fantastic, most pilots and a/c owners started as Modellers. I bought my first full sized aircraft 54 years ago. I still own one. What bothers me that to make such a Model it must be as expensive as buying one of the older single engine light aircraft, that is more likely in the U.S.A, not the U.K. or Europe, where the price of private aircraft is prohibitive except for the extremely wealthy elites. So I guess such models are one way to achieve the dream of flight for more ordinary people.

  2. Tim says:

    Beautifully detailed.

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