Joe Nall: Wednesday in Full Swing

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Although pilots have been flying and camping since last Friday evening, many consider Wednesday as the official start of Joe Nall Week.  Wednesday brings the first of the week’s noon time demos, and spectators really start lining up for the coveted lawn chair spots along show central.  Today’s demo covered a cross-section of the hobby including control line, helis, sailplanes, jets, warbirds, and of course Mr. Airshow himself, Mac Hodges with his X-1 hauling B-29.  With so many pilots and aircraft to draw from, what an honor it is to participate in the noon time demo.  Congratulations pilots!  Here are a few shots from the show.

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This afternoon, Rick Cawley from Fuquay, NC rolled in with his 50% scale Bucker Jungmeister.  At 130″ and 66 lbs, this yellow beauty was something to see.  The Moki 250 radial swinging a 32×18 prop sounded incredible in the air.  Rick built the bipe from a Benja kit produced in Germany.  The model is covered in Solartex and incorporates functional aluminum doors for a bit of scale realism.  When fellow pilots boast about the wingspan of their models, Rick can say “Yeah, but how tall is it”!

Bucker JungmeisterBucker Jungmeister Cockpit

More from the flight line tomorrow.

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    Nice pix, but that inverted B-29 is just wrong! Great flying skills but…

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