FREE Wylam P-47D 3-view

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The date on Wylam’s art for the P-47D Thunderbolt is December 1944. At the time, Air Age Publishing was 15 years old, Model Airplane News was a relative upstart and William Wylam was producing his fantastic art for us. That makes us and our parent company 83 years old—one of the oldest family-owned publishing companies in history! Download Wylam’s drawing here.

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2 Responses to “FREE Wylam P-47D 3-view”

  1. richard daigre says:

    it’s a nice plane put you need to clean up pictures so peaple can read whats on them thanks rick

  2. JIm Placek says:

    Iam just getting back into building RC plans.I have no idea how to go about in wiring a plan for a electric moter and related accessory? Is there a book on this subject?

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