AR7200BX 7CH DSMX Flybarless Control System by Spektrum

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Flybarless helicopters have become, and will continue to be, the wave of the future for our hobby. Combining lightweight, lower parts count, ease of setup and improved flight control are just a few of its benefits. And now Spectrum has combined their 7-channel DSMX® receiver with a BeastX, 3-axis MEMS stabilization system into a single compact unit. This further reduces weight, servo connections, and overall system complexity. Besides eliminating the mechanical complexity of a flybar, the BeastX technology built into the AR7200BX system lets you quickly fine-tune stability, cyclic response and tail response without touching a single linkage or the need for special software. Suitable for 250- to 90 size helicopters, all you need is a DSM2®/DSMX transmitter and this unit.

Key Features

  • Integrated BeastX® 3-axis MEMS gyro
  • 250- to 800-size helicopters
  • Easy-access design for field adjustments
  • DSMX® safety and control
  • Flight log telemetry-compatible
  • 11ms frame rate
  • 2048 resolution
  • 3.5 – 8.5 v
  • Scale flybarless helicopters


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