Twin-turbine English Electric Lightning

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but compared to today’s modern, colorless fighters, classic jets had some panache. Take the English Electric Lightning, a supersonic interceptor of the ’60s and ’70s that reached double the speed of sound as the first British jet fighter. With twin stacked turbine engines, it even looked fast! In this week’s featured video, Ali Machinchy puts his radio-control English Electric Lightning (from the Airworld kit) through its paces at the Blackbushe Model Air Show last month. Many thanks to Tbobborap1 for posting this video on YouTube.


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15 Responses to “Twin-turbine English Electric Lightning”

  1. David Leflar says:

    What a beauty!

  2. Rick Smith says:

    Soooo Cool

  3. Harvey Rounce says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Steve Guty says:

    Believe the copy edit introduced an error–should have read something “the first British jet fighter with two stacked turbine engines”. The first British jets were flying during WW II–the Gloster Meteor, I believe, was the first operational British jet, and it was a twin, but not with them stacked like the Lightning.

  5. Edgar Rodriguez says:

    Que hermosura, sencillamente lo felicito de corazón, que aeromodelo tan espectacular.

  6. Aris Kosmides says:


  7. Gustave Turcotte says:


  8. Brian Martin says:

    Fantastic. We are the Air World importers for South Africa and recently sold a Lightning. So pleased to see it performs so well. Brian Martin

  9. joe says:

    where can we get more detailed information……?

  10. Pete Hodkinson says:

    What do you mean? Are you saying that the English Electric Lightning was Britain’s FIRST jet fighter! The RAF were using Meteor (Twin- Jet) squadrons
    to shoot down German flying bombs in 1944, before the U.S. had any jet fighters in action in Europe!, although the Germans were already using the Me 262 in action. I think you meant to say it was the first British jet fighter to exceed TWICE the speed of sound.

  11. Joe Jurkiewicz says:

    Just stunning!

  12. rich pignata says:

    Did not think it sounded like an electric.. rich p

  13. John Goadby says:

    Fantastic, from every angle. Like watching the real thing. (As I used to..!) AND in the fab colours of 92.!!

  14. Peter says:

    Ali is a true champion, I got to met him in Brisbane at the Gratton International. Very approachable.
    Superb camera work as well. The photo’s make it look like the real thing. Thanks for sharing this.

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